We help you craft your best products.


We inspire your team to push the limits of what you can achieve. From mentoring, to ideation, to business strategy, we ask the tough questions to get you thinking beyond product development.


We craft really strong stories that evolve into purpose built products. We refine ideas and define innovative short- and long-term deliverables.


We deliver on what we promise – effective solutions for complex problems. We have a proven track record of developing products designed for manufacturing, deployment and scale.

Our Strategy

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[SnapPea] is a group of fearless and persistent innovators who can help you figure out how to make just about anything happen. This removes the friction between what you can imagine doing, and making it real - something the guys at Snap Pea have demonstrated reliably.

-- Alistair Hamilton, Head of Design - Amazon

Steve has been a huge success for the Accelerator Centre. His next level thinking around product design has added immense value to our mentorship program. Each week I receive positive reviews from our Clients about Steve’s work and that reflects well on our product. Whether you are a new company or an old one looking for a refresh of your product, I would highly recommend Steve Fyke.

-- Andrew Jackson, VP Client Services, Accelerator Centre

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