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Design Strategy

Have a unique challenge in a new or unique market? We’ll help create a product or market strategy in line with you company value.

User Experience Research

Making your products better by understanding current and future users' needs. Use observation and interviews to identify the problems users have, not just the ones they describe.

User Experience Design

We’ll help build your physical or digital product to have a compelling end user experience and ensure your value is clearly understood along the way. This process can include defining the structure, establishing use cases, wireframing interfaces, onboarding and communication style. UX is a vital step in moving from strategy to implementation, and ensures that your product is built to be user-centric while still meeting technical limitations.

User Interface Design

Fine tuning user interactions to create an intuitive and delightful experience that flows from one screen to the next. By selecting, creating and applying prominent user interaction we are able sculpt the user's journey into a friendly and modern story. UI is the first steps in framing up beautiful design. Most design groups merg UI Design with either UX or Visual Design. We however feel that breaking UI out as its own discipline establishes an extra layer of refinement, ultimately resulting in a much more thought out product.

Visual Design

WIn conjunction with User Experience and User Interaction we will help craft a unique and stunning visual language that clearly defines your brand and helps position you as a market leader. This process includes advanced colour, typography, and layout choices, as well as custom iconography and logo design. Visual design is a crucial step in beautiful products, brands and applications.

Industrial Design

Leveraging iterative learning through user observation, insights, and prototyping, we'll build upon your idea until we have a commercially viable and innovative product, that meets your market needs.

Mechanical Design

Working with our design team, we assist our clients through the full product development cycles. Starting from Proof of Concept to validate assumptions and iterate with off-the-shelf parts when possible. Then we proceed to prototype stage to ensure the product functions meet specifications and it can be manufacture. We assist with selecting a CM partners that will meet the product requirements and cost. After, we assist with the NPI stage to bring the product to life at scale.

Hardware and Software Design

Our in-house hardware services include circuit design, prototyping and PCB layout, all with an emphasis on manufacturability. We also provide a full range of embedded software services to bring your idea to life.

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