A New Era for SnapPea Design

After eight years of operation, SnapPea Design is entering a new era with a refreshed brand identity to better align with the ways we’ve evolved to deliver value – creating a stronger and clearer presence in new and existing markets.

Designed by: Myah Stover, Steve McPhee, Steven Fyke, and Victoria Vandenberg

The refreshed SnapPea Brand Identity

The narrative of our brand refresh is composed of four key areas

  1. The Evolution from “SnapPea Design” to “SnapPea”
  2. A Fresh Spin on the Iconic Pea
  3. Who We Are
  4. Looking Towards the Future, with our CEO and Creative Director

Evolving from “SnapPea Design” to “SnapPea” for Scalability and Alignment

Old vs. New

Both our team and our clients alike, refer to us as SnapPea. This is a great opportunity to leverage the name we are known as informally, whilst removing any boundaries “Design” puts on perceptions of how we deliver value.

Over the course of our near decade of operation, a lot of people have thought we are a graphic design and marketing agency. Colloquially, that is what design can be known as. That’s a connection we are pushing away from. Current, past, and prospective clients have said “You do much more than design” and they’re right. So the way we outwardly present ourselves will reflect that going forward.

With our emergence over the past several years into design strategy, validation, supply chain management, supporting startup founders through the establishment of their organization, and product ownership, we have surpassed the realm of Design and have successfully built businesses from the ground up. For example, with our newly launched SnapPea Ventures, we have streams for both startups and corporates. No matter which division of SnapPea you work with, or which service model you engage in, our identity will remain the same: SnapPea, your partner to deliver your product vision.

A Tasteful Spin on our Iconic Pea

We started by turning the pea pictorial mark on an upward more positive slant, the goal here is to make an ode to positive trajectories and growth. Keeping its base shape and colour to retain years of building up the brand. Additionally, we updated the colour of the negative space of the pea to be darker: creating a bolder, more cohesive and refined look. The shape of the pea was slightly refined to reduce noise and make odes to the shapes of the new wordmark. The refined mark isn’t flashy, it’s easily identifiable and it will pair nicely with our clients/partners logos without demanding to be the centre of attention.

Why the 45˚?

As a team, we were looking into ways to intentionally decide the angle of the pea and came across this really cool finding: according to physics, if you throw something at the same velocity, it will travel the furthest distance if it’s launched at a 45˚ angle, even though all angles had access to the same resources. So, this design choice signifies that we will always find the most strategic route to support and propel your business forward.

Plus it doesn’t elude to a higher trajectory is best, even though visually it looks immediately obvious to be that. Instead, we follow facts, data, and the human factor to build what’s right and best for you, not just something flashy or trendy. So we updated our pea from a 15˚ angle to a 45˚ angle.

Who We Are

To begin our exploration, our team sent a questionnaire out to the entire company, with the intent of gathering everyone’s perspectives on what SnapPea means to them. We used those responses to guide the beginning stages of our design process, in conjunction with other sources of primary and secondary data. Here are the key themes we landed on.

A Statement from our Founder & Creative Director, Steven Fyke, as we step into this next chapter:

“At SnapPea, we’re constantly pushing companies – and ourselves – to be better. It’s growth that drives us – if you’re not trying to be better, you’ll never reach your potential. We work with clients to learn, grow, build, and teach so we can collaborate on an even playing field.

  • No egos, no politics, just putting in the time and work to do what we do – better.
  • We push our clients to be open, adventurous, and brave.
  • We push our team to grow, so we can take on more
  • We push our business to evolve, so we can support our clients more meaningfully.
  • We push to make products that are new, interesting and compelling.
  • We push to be better, not because we have to, but because we should.”
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