We’ll share the risk with you.

If you have a great business idea that you believe in, partner with us and we’ll build it together. You can trust that we will be just as invested in your success as you are.

Let’s get your idea off the ground.

We will help you validate your concept with real data so that you can find the right audience and scale your business. You will be empowered with the metrics to get investors excited about your product. Check out what our most recent partners had to say.

“I can’t thank you enough! The support and guidance [SnapPea] provided has made all the difference in our success! Just having such an incredible team to help build my product has been fantastic, and I tell everyone I meet about you and the team!

Kara LeBlanc

CEO, MedReddie

“SnapPea Ventures gave me the boost I needed. They weren’t just investors, they were part of the team. I could bounce ideas off them and they would give me honest opinions on what to do next. I can honestly say I couldn’t have gotten to the place I’m in without them.”

Luke Begley

CEO, Circuit IQ

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Data that will give you peace of mind.

Over the years we’ve seen clients spend thousands of dollars to create a proof of concept, only to realize that they were missing key information. Our tried-and-true method uses current market data to prove that your idea will be a success. You can rest easy knowing that there is a real customer base waiting for what you have to offer.

View from above of two people sit at a desk and have a conversation about work on a laptop.
Two people sit at a desk and have a conversation about work on a laptop.

A partner who is fully on your side.

We’re investing in your potential, which means we don’t profit until you make money. With reduced upfront costs, and a highly motivated team behind you, we’ll help you scale quickly. There’s less of an upfront risk, and a guaranteed shared interest in your success.

*There’s a catch.

We’re nothing if not transparent about it. We want to know that your product or service is a good investment for both of us. You will need to successfully complete our validation course to prove the potential of your idea. We aren’t partial to a particular industry or swayed by past success stories, the way into our good books it through data. If the numbers speak, then we’re in.

We have a history of helping companies grow and succeed, just ask our recent alumni.
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Course 5: Conversion Optimization

Oh, you thought you were done? You’re not done. But now we get to the fun stuff.  Set up tracking analytics and focus on driving traffic and conversion.  There’s nothing better than waking up to a full page of orders from FREE traffic.  

“But I’m launching another product!” or “My market is changing.” We have a course for that too, but you already have it.  Jump back to course 1 and let’s go again! Chances are we’ve updated again too! 

Want to jump right in to conversion optimization?  We can help! Just get in touch! 

Course 4: PRDs and POCs

Creating a PRD / POC is a critical step in development that a lot of people skip. Trust me, we’ve seen how bad that can go later.  The last thing you want is to solve a problem, but price yourself out of the only market that cares. These documents build alignment in your team, help to resolve development priority, and ensure you can profit from your venture. 

“Wait, my numbers don’t quite work!!” – Fear not, at this point there’s always a solution.  You can go back to course 1 and find a new story to sell the product you have, or go back to course 3 and see is a different solution is just as interesting to your market. 

If everything is lined up, the only thing left is to sell. Grab course 5 and build those pages that convert! Want to jump in to this course?  Drop us a line and we’ll see if we can help. 

Course 3: Landing Pages

Build and test landing pages to prove the solution you’re building is exactly what your customers are looking for! Use this process to define your product to match the market need and ensure you can make money as you scale your solution. 

Didn’t quite get the results you were expecting? No problem.  Take what you learned in course 2 to find a new angle, or go back to course 1 and refine your problem.  Sometimes the problem resonates, but people don’t want a solution, they just want to complain. 

Want to Skip directly to this course?  Drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!

Course 2: Competitive Analysis

Through this course you find out what your competition is doing, and how you can shine above the noise! Competition isn’t always just another product – it can be a user behaviour or just being lazy.  

Find and test to find your proven differentiation from your competitors. 

Want to jump into this course?  Drop us a line.

Course 1: Next Steps

Course 1 is all about validation. We have some KPIs that give you the confidence you need to move forward.  If you don’t hit them on the first try, try again.  Some people want to jump ahead, but it will bite you later.  Keep on refining your solution at this stage to save you hundreds of thousands developing a solution that may never scale!